"I will not leave you as orphans. I will come for you!" John 14:18

Our hearts have been burdened for a baby girl in Ethiopia....follow along as we go get her!

"I will not leave you as orphans. I will come for you!" John 14:18

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Today is Audra's 1st birthday!  Crazy!

It is strange to have a baby turning one, but she has only lived with us for a little over three months.  My goodness, this little girl is such a blessing and I'm so glad that we never had to miss a birthday!

This morning, we had a hearing to have her name changed from Selam William Koen to Audra Grace Selam Koen...much better, huh?!?  Also, we petitioned to have her adoption recognized in Texas so we can now get her a Texas birth certificate.  All went well and it's done!  Very simple.

Today has felt a little weird to me...and let me explain.  Usually on the 1st birthday of babies, mommies recount what they were doing the entire day....when they went to the hospital, what all they did during the labor wait, the moment they finally saw the new baby, etc.  I don't have those memories with Audra and that feels a little weird.  I have no clue what I did on this day last year.  I do know that half way around the world one year ago today, another mommy gave birth to a baby born just for us!  I've thought a lot about her today...I hope somehow she feels in her soul that her baby girl is ok.  Thriving.  Has plenty of good food. Has gained 7.5 lbs.  Rolling crazy fast.  Can feed herself a bottle.  Sleeps through the night.  Loves to make a mess while taking a bath.  Does not love to have her clothes changed.  Can throw a good fit when she's hungry. Has eye lashes to die for! (I wonder if she does, too?)   Can wave "hi" and "bye bye."  Claps when we say "yay!"  Loves food!  All food.  She can make some seriously silly faces!


                                                             Has fabulous big brothers.

                       And 2 parents who got just what they needed when she finally got home!

Adoption is such a gift, and today I am reminded of that even more.  I wish somehow I could convince everyone to adopt a child b/c truly, the experience....ALL of it....changes you when you didn't even realize you needed changing.  In good ways.  Opens your eyes and makes you love a country and the people in it so very much...and this coming from someone who had never left the US until this past December.

There is a piece of my heart in Ethiopia and I don't care to get it back.  It needs to stay there. A constant reminder to me of where this sweet girl came from and who she was from her start...on her "birth" day.



  1. Happy birthday sweet girl!!! So happy for your family!!!!!!

  2. Found your story on the Marathon for Adoption website.
    My fiancé and I plan to adopt, and your story made me cry with glee. Audra is beautiful, and blessed with an amazing family.

    Thank you for sharing.